Connictro Blockchain:
Tracking. Protecting. Enforcing. Secure – Predictable – Fraud Proof

Your SaaS solution to monetize consumables or digital content.

Any business model supported

Protect anything

  • Protect connected devices: Consumables or spare parts – prevent from counterfeits!
  • Protect digital content with optional user validation
  • Protect things or digital content by region code
  • Irrevocably bind things or content to specific devices (pairing)
  • Industry-standard REST API
  • Easy integration into Web apps, IoT platforms, ERP or CRM systems
  • Lightweight clients, use blockchain also from battery-operated embedded devices
  • No crypto currency – No volatile exchange rates!
  • No need for a banking license!
  • No energy-consuming mining!
  • No complicated smart contracts. Just use REST API and a predefined lifecycle process.
  • Configurable time-out rules engine for term-based use cases
  • No dongles or ID chips required
  • Anonymous usage by design

Use Cases

  • Ensure only genuine physical consumables for IoT devices (example: printer cartridge) are used
  • Ensure only genuine spare parts can be replaced
  • Enforce cleaning (example: connected coffee maker)
  • Protect digital content (audio, video, e-books, games)
    Optionally with user validation (example: age validation* for adult content)
  • Rental models – e.g. software licensing
  • Time limited access permit – example: touristic site, vehicle parking
  • Event tickets
  • Public transport tickets
  • Emission certificates
  • Prevention of double votes in elections – while protecting anonymous vote itself
  • Trusted storage for electricity/gas/water meters or car odometers
  • Medical recipes
  • Company internal usage
  • … and many more.

Lifecycle model

Any object – whether it is a physical device, digital media, voucher, permit – is modeled as digital twin, called Managed Object (MO) in the blockchain. It receives its life and value once and then can be only depleted – like a physical consumable which is produced once and used until emptied or expired. Fraud-proof return/ refund is modeled as well.

Connictro Blockchain Object Lifecycle - Graphics depicting lifecycle states counter-clockwise. New (creation) - Provisioned - Validated - Paired (optional) - In Use [while consuming + tracking data] - Expired/Depleted - Returned. Expired can also be reached by expiring Time Out service.

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*: We provide the technical platform, no age validation services by themselves.